No charges! It’s all free. We make our money from the tickets, and you make a commission for informing us of the offending vehicle. We do reserve the right to charge a one-off fee of £20 should you not use the service within 1 year.
We pursue it rigorously. It is how we cover the costs of setting up your account. We are a free service to the user and need to recoup our costs – so yes – we follow them all up!
Yes. We will always take the issue to court. Your photographs help us provide evidence that can later be used to support the case.
Any freehold area that you own, that houses between1 and 1,000 cars is eligible.
Yes as long as the individual or company owns/leases the entirety of the land.
Yes – we operate throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.
We will send you payment by cheque, quarterly. You receive a £10 payment for every ticket paid.
Yes – within 28 days. After this, it’s a charge of £2.50 – deducted from your next commission payment.
Yes – it’s a highly-effective way to deter nuisance parking.
Wheel clamping has been illegal since October 2012.
We request details electronically from the DVLA.
Please allow 5 working days for delivery.
Signs are 600mm x 450mm and made of a rigid Plastic Correx
Many ways. Cable ties. Hammer and Nails. Even ‘No More Nails’ from a DIY store. Whatever is suitable – we send you a support guide and instructions so you can decide the best method.
It’s vital to get the vehicle and the car park sign in one photo, PLUS the registration.
No, we handle all communications. All the offender knows is the site address where the offence took place.
We do via our appeals department. A ticket is only ever cancelled on your instructions.